The Superstition Behind Artificial Intelligence

Some people think today that Artificial Intelligence will scar society or eventually take over the human race, but these are very fictional ideas. Artificial Intelligence, or the ability for a robot to learn by itself, depends on constant analyzing of its environment and learning from encounters. Once this has been achieved, in an essence, robots will be equivalent to humans. The VALUE of this, however, is ever cognizant. Think about machinery in a way that enables robots to do work. With thousands of robots, equivalent to humans, much more work can get done than with only humans. In addition, robots would be able to think by themselves and innovate new ideas and concepts by themselves. This will ADVANCE the human society much quicker. This way, humans can reach new bounds of intelligence, possibly breaking artificial intelligence and going on to how humans can control the weather.

Many of these ideas are unheard of, but it is definitely possible for one to control the world if we have gone from playing with fire to creating sophisticated robots. What will not happen, though, is robots taking over the world, as long as our scientific community continues to grow.

4 thoughts on “The Superstition Behind Artificial Intelligence

  1. That is a very interesting idea. I agree as well. Are there any other ideas you have relating to this topic? I very much enjoy your writing.


    1. Yes, of course! I feel that Artificial Intelligence should not be undervalued and should instead be looked at in the point of view of generating the benefits and profits for human kind.


  2. James Dewpoint May 19, 2017 — 8:40 pm

    What about the ethics of this. If robots think and act just like humans, wouldn’t it be slavery?


    1. Great question. Well, first off, we need to understand that robots and humans are not the same, and it is very likely they will never be. However, robots will be able to get very close to a humans’ perspective. Secondly, we also need to understand that the basic tenets that we use currently as relating to robots are not the same as slavery. For example, robots can calculate information using calculators and algorithmic operations, but humans can do that as well. So, is typing into google “2+2” slavery? Of course not! Feel free to ask any more questions you have lingering. I would be overjoyed to help.


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