AI Summit Journey

Recently, I had the opportunity to go to an AI Summit, or Artificial Intelligence Summit, led by the Girls Computing League. Here, I was able to learn about some of the more advanced facets of AI, such as its applicability to the worlds of financial marketing and how pattern recognition and working hard in an environment of deep and intrinsic learners can create strong communities that grow to larger companies. I had the opportunity to listen to Kenneth Plum, who was a part of the Virginia House of Delegates, to a vice president at Fannie Mae.

Some important concepts that were touched upon included the importance of cognitive computing, and how technology’s AI’s knowledge-based argumentation in addition to some of the new programming methods and styles can create effective techniques for stimulating human processes with computer models.
Another thing that I was happy to get to see was how interested and deep students dove into computer science. One student, described their experience of programming their own calculators to solve their math problems, while another student focused on how he was able to go to Broadcomm Masters and learn more about scientific achievement there. While some students were more geared to neuroscience, others focused on some of the more robotics-related aspects.

Perhaps one of my favorite parts to this summit was being able to learn from people that actually worked from Amazon. Unfortunately, one of the speakers was unable to come, but that being said, a substitute speaker still relayed how much Amazon is and will continue to focus on Artificial Intelligence. From systems like Alexa, which are able to use voice processing to communicate with other parts of your home and play different songs, to new AWS, or Amazon Web Service projects that allow a user to build his/her own new skill.
Overall, the experience was great and a lot of fun, so I encourage you, if you have extra time to go ahead and search up some of the Artificial-Intelligence related Ted Talks. Thanks!

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