Numerous Applications of AI

I apologize for the gap in the content between March and October, but we were working on a few updates to the content for this website. We would like to offer some more teaching methods and practice in addition to, of course, the knowledge that you are able to learn informally. To start off, we will be discussing the applications of artificial intelligence to our daily lives.

Now, Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is a vital part of the continuing knowledge that scientists are gaining. For example, self driving cars, image recognition, machine learning, and computer vision, are all vital for the success of Artificial Intelligence in our community of scientific learners. But why is Artificial Intelligence so important? Cant we use other forms of computing, such as parallel computing, to bring our future closer to where we want to be- a perfect Utopia with the most advanced phones and computers?

Well, the short answer is no. You see, the main divide that people have seen is the divide between robotics and human kind. People have always thought that robots don’t possess feelings, and that they are simply a mundane way of getting a job done correctly. But just think- what IF robots COULD have feelings? What if they could think just like we do?

First off, I’d like to say that no, robots will not take over the world. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of artificial intelligence, we should see some of the benefits. First off, by giving robots some of the more intelligent-like capabilities shown by humans, robots can replace humans in difficult tasks that humans can only do to a certain extent. Obviously they will not exterminate the human race, because they are simply just being more effective, but of course robots will not yet reach a state where they are more powerful than a human until decades and decades, if not centuries later.

To conclude, AI is not something to fear at all. You can easily make or break your goals as a human, and if AI will only help you, why fear it? Once the computer was the next big thing, and now it is AI. Get on board!

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1 thought on “Numerous Applications of AI

  1. Very interesting idea Mr. Gupta. You are very bright and talented for a high school student. I wish you best successes in the future and would love for you to join my team on my startup.


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